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Letter to America: Official Report of the Dig at the Front Room Site, 2021 On:2022-01-24 10:20:00

My Dear Americans,
   my last letter ended with a wail of anguish at all the work we are having to do on the house over here so, lest you think me merely exaggerating for your sympathy, let me tell you of the room at the front of the house that is destined to be my library. As soon as work started I discovered that the floorboards were infested by woodworm (the UK equivalent of termites, only sneakier and snarkier), indeed it was so infested that the only thing stopping me falling through the floor was all the woodworm holding hands. You could almost hear them singing We Shall Overcome! So to avoid even the slightest hint of hyperbole I shall report the incident in the form of an abstract from the...

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