"Dedicated to saving future trees"

Dear Friend,
                    we at the Save the Cones Fund are dedicated to the principle
that all cones have the right to germinate and to grow tall and not be
hacked down and slaughtered to make a pagan holiday (so what if
it's been co-opted, first by Christianity and then by Corporate America,
it's still a bloody pagan holiday---Io Saturnalia! So there!)
To this noble end we dedicate ourselves to raising both awareness
of the holiday horror in our midst and cash to provide safe shelters
for abused trees and saplings.
                            Richard Howland-Bolton (Director General of STCF)

Specially Christmassy Christmas Number


'Tis the season of good will, Darling, so I went out and slaughtered a
tree for you bumper stickers

Local Christmas tree shelters

Latest Horror Stories

Here we can see for ourselves actual evidence of the recent
extraordinary rendition of a young cone to a third party
in a third world country where it faces unimaginable humiliation
at the hands of its bearded interrogator:

This picture was taken and smuggled out at incredible personal
risk by one of our operatives, who cannot be named
for security reasons.