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From time to time I add video to an essay, largely
to compensate for the lack of a visual component
to the broadcasts, or else I'm bored (which is much more likely).
They are mostly Specially Christmassy Christmas Specials but not all of them are...

Also note that they may be a bit (or even very) jerky unless you have great bandwidth, so you would be better off downloadiing them. That will of course have no effect on the jerkiness of the contents/opinions actually in the videos.
America: Letter to America: Hungry for Texas
My Dear Americans (well this IS supposed to be a letter and "Muh Fellow 'Mer'cns" seems far too presidential, and anyway I can't really do the accent).
My Dear Americans,
         we (Georgia, Buddy and I) have been over in the UK now for more than three months and, and--- I'm starting to miss Texas: now I'm sure I could hear the combined gasps from four thousand miles away if I open the window. The "You must be joking!"s, "What the—"s and the like expressions of disbelief and horror from most non-Texans (and from quite a few Texas residents too). And, yes, I do remember that when some in the state had a poll on seceding there were a lot more yes-votes from those outside its borders than inside.