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Here is a Sup—I mean repository of the texts of my wireless essays together with some readings of them.

The essays were broadcast by WXXI 91.5 Classical of Rochester, NY on Salmagundy each Saturday at 9:35am Eastern Time, from the beginning of time (1985) till May 2009 when Entropa (evil Goddess of Change-for-the-Worse-or-Possibly-the-Worst) troubled the minds of the WXXIites and they retired Simon and Salmagundy, and Rochester went into a terminal decline---for ever.
But I do continue on that brilliant bastion of all that's good and kultured, on WCLV's syndicated Weekend Radio on many (mainly NPRish) stations traditionally on the first and third weekends of the month, though your weekendage may vary, (these are archived for a couple of months).

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Science: Letter to America: Springy Hairimeraku On:2023-04-20 03:59:09
My Dear Americans,
    No!...No! Inspiration comes upon me un announced!! ...
  My Dear Yanks,
  We should give thanks.
    The springing Spring
    Like anything,
  In flow'ry ranks.

Science: Letter to America: Unsympathetic On:2022-04-16 06:12:30
My Dear Americans,
   Of course I'm sure we've all read the Golden Bough and so are familiar with James Frazer's coinage of the term 'Sympathetic Magic' (though, even more of-course-ly, the Germans got there first with Sympathiezauber---bloody typical, innit?).

Science: Sappy Sapientes On:2013-07-21 15:00:00
I'm sure I don't need to tell you what a Linnæan binomial is, but for the benefit of that ignoramus on the next radio... 

Science: 12-Step Programming On:2010-11-17 00:00:00
Hello! My name is Richard and ...and ...I’m a computer programmer.
I admit I am powerless against the Code and that my recursive class methods have become unmanageable.

Science: Say What? On:2009-10-06 04:17:23
As you probably know I’m a wild, ungovernable Mac-computer-lover ---I have a disgusting tendency to acquire anything Apple. So of course I had the first iPhone just as soon as it was available, even though that involved (I kid you not) entering Willow Bend Mall over the roof of the car park well before opening time. Then, even of courser, when the latest one came out I had no alternative but to upgrade. Such is the life of a junkie, though in mitigation, I must say this new iPhone does have lots of can't-live-withoutishnesses.

Science: Darwinners and Dar Losers On:2009-02-05 17:21:40
As if us left-wing, science-mad intellectuals weren't getting enough of that old jollies-stuff this year from having the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Rabbie Burns , the four hundredth of Galileo Galilei 's first scoping out of the sky (not to mention ditto of the publication of Kepler's Astronomia nova ), and the eight hundredth anniversary of Cambridge University ; as of the Glorious Twelfth1 of this month, our cup is positively runnething over for all it's worth (and no doubt sloppething all over the carpet) with the two hundredth birthday of Charles Darwin and the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the publication of his Origin of Species---

Science: Snow Job On:2008-01-11 04:10:53
I don’t know how on Earth it happened, because lately we’ve been sweltering (relatively speaking) with temperatures up in the seventies down here in Plano, but the other day someone actually brought up that old chestnut about no two snowflakes ever being alike.

Science: Martyrium Arboretum On:2007-03-22 04:47:55
Well here we are once again back at that time of year when all I can think to essay about is pollen: all I can write about is pollen; all I can speak about is pollen; all I can even think about is [Atishoo! Atishoo! --- Atishoo!] bloody pollen.
As I think I’ve told you before, I am a martyr to the sex life of trees.

Science: Auntie Meme On:2006-12-20 04:58:48
[to the tune of the Irish Washerwoman---sort of]
Oh! O'Flaherty's dead and his brother don't know it
O'Flaherty's dead and his brother don't know it
The trouble it is they're in the same bed
And neither one knows that the other one's dead
Oh! O'Flaherty's dead and ...

and so forth.

Science: Pintsize, or Give Metrication the Finger On:2006-06-08 17:20:56
Last time I was going on at some length about the wonderful English pint (particularly the English pint of beer) and how much it was superior to the boring, stunted and pedestrian American pint, and now two (count em--TWO!!) people have proven that I not only have hearers but actual listeners! Who pay attention!!!


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